August 22, 2017

Business Tax

Most businesses that gross over $3,000 a year are required to have a Wilson County business license.  The initial cost to obtain a business license is $15.  To renew an active business license you must file your business taxes with the TN Dept. of Revenue online at  The tax period for most businesses is January 1st – December 31st with taxes being due on tax day, April 15th.  After the Dept. of Revenue has accepted your return, they will send us a clearance file where we can then print out your renewed license and mail them to you.

If your business doesn’t gross over $10,000 a year, then you can file for a Minimal Activity License.  The Minimal Business License works the same as a regular license except instead of filing with the state every year, you would just come to this office and get a new one when it expires.

Your Wilson County business license can be used anywhere in the state of Tennessee, however if you gross over $50,000 in another county, you must obtain a business license with that county as well.

Please note that if your business is located within the city limits, you must also obtain a city business license from city hall.

Lebanon City Tax – 615-444-4905

Mt. Juliet City Tax – 615-754-2552

Watertown City Tax – 615-237-3326


$15 Cash or Check

$15.56 Credit/Debit

$16.32 Online

There are two forms listed below.  One form is an online application that can be submitted to us and once it is processed we will mail you your business license.  The other form is a downloadable form that can be filled out and sent to us with a check.  Checks should be made payable to Jim Goodall Wilson County Clerk.  Completed applications can be mailed to the address below.

Business Tax Application – PDF Format

Online Business License Application

Check business name availability with the Secretary of State’s office.



When a business closes or transfers ownership, the owner must close out that business license with the County Clerk’s office, and any outstanding taxes must be paid in full. If this step has not been completed, the new owner can be liable for the outstanding taxes that were incurred by the previous owner.

Businesses that need a Sales Tax Number may contact the Tennessee Department of Revenue at 615-253-0600. The office is located in the Andrew Jackson Building in Nashville, TN.


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