August 22, 2017

Notary Public

Qualifications: All Notaries must be 18 years of age or older.  A Notary is elected to a four-year term by the county legislative body in the county where he/she resides or has principal place of business. A Notary is commissioned by the governor. A Notary Public is empowered to administer oaths, take depositions, and take affidavits. All Notaries are at large, meaning that they can exercise the functions of a Notary Public in all counties in Tennessee.


To renew or apply for the first time, you must fill out a notary application which can be downloaded at the link below or picked up from our office.  All applications must be returned by noon on the day the county commission meets for your name to be put on the docket.  The county commissioners meet every 3rd Monday of the month.  Any time after the meeting you can call our office to see if you were approved or visit in person to finish the notary process.  Upon returning to our office you will pay your fees and be sworn in to a 4 year term.  We then submit orders every Monday to the Secretary of State for Notary Commissions and/or Notary stamps which take around two weeks to be returned to our office.  You are welcome to call and check on the progress.  Once all your paperwork has been returned to our office from the state then you may come at any time to pick it up.  We will need a notary bond on file or two land owners to sign for you before we can release your notary commission.


Commission – $12

Stamp – $28.75

Commission+Stamp – $40.75


Notary Application Word format                           Notary Application PDF format


If you have any other notary questions you may visit the Secretary of State’s website at the link below

Secretary of State


129 S. College St.

Lebanon, TN 37087